First Crush: The Annual Harvest Festival

The Fiesta de la Vendimia (Harvest Festival) is held each year in late August or early September. Set among the endless vineyards of the fertile Valle de Guadalupe, the day's events include the traditional blessing of the grapes, wine tastings, live music and dancing, riding exhibitions, and a country-style Mexican meal. L.A. Cetto offers a group excursion from Tijuana (about an hour's drive); San Diego's Baja California Tours (tel. 800/336-5454 or 858/454-7166 in the U.S.) also organizes a daylong trip from San Diego.

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Museo de la vid y el vino

Museo Comunitario del Valle de Guadalupe, on Francisco Zarco (tel. 646/155-2069), has displays and artifacts from this curious time of cultural conversion. Although the information is all in Spanish, museum administrator Alex Gallardo currently is developing English-language materials as well. The museum has a small adjoining restaurant that serves traditional Russian food, and a wine tasting is included with the $2 donation to the museum (the wine and food are not recommended). Just across the street is the Museo Histórico Comunitario, affiliated with Mexico's INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History). Although small in scale, it has informative

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Hot Springs

A little ways past Doña Lupe's the road to the hot springs forks. The left fork takes you to the hot springs the right fork leads to the reservation. This time of year the hot springs are a bit underwhelming. The water is tepid and not exactly crystal clear. i have heard that there is a cave worth exploring in that area, but I don't have any other info than that.

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