Bruma Valle de Guadalupe

Set on 200 acres amidst the wine vineyards of the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, Bruma offers eco-luxury living throughout authentic, private ranch homes, a world-class resort, a locally-sourced restaurant and a working winery. To set foot here is to experience a sensory connection with nature, with Mexico, and with new adventures.

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Entre Viñedos / Hotel Boutique

Hotel Boutique Valle de Guadalupe is a charming and exclusive place with a contemporary hacienda style architectural style. Our hotel is located among the most impressive landscapes of the Valle de Guadalupe wine region. The Valley of Guadalupe Wine Route is the new gastronomic destination with the greatest recognition in Mexico, it stands out for being the largest and most important wine producing region in the country and because here there are renowned restaurants and chefs of the new Mexican cuisine. Our Hotel is located in the heart of the Wine Route and our neighbors are renowned winemakers , practically we border on them and we are Less than 5 minutes away to visit Baron Balch'é, Decantos, Mount Xanic, Quinta Monasterio, Villa de Frannes, Torres Alegre, Emevé, Adobe Guadalupe and Chateau Camou.

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Maglen Tesela Hotel

-A concept strategically erected on the wine region of Baja California, invites us and helps preserve the natural environment of the Valley of Guadalupe while we relax in rooms mounted on a structure of metal and wood, allowing us to preserve the flora and fauna of the region, enjoying luxury and sophistication at the same time.

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