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From Fili and Joel who care for the vineyards, to John the mulch guy, as well as the pros over at NOAA who predict the weather, our wines respect each person involved in the process.

Meet The Vino Real Advisory Panel

Rajat Parr
Sommelier & Winemaker
Santa Barbara, CA
Raj is a sommelier turned winemaker, who moved to California to pursue the restaurant industry. He oversaw the wine program of the Michael Mina restaurant group for several years and is recognized widely in the wine world for his achievements and presence in the ‘Somm’ documentaries. He started his own winery on the Central Coast of California and produces Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines known for their biodynamic and organic qualities.
Abe Schoener
Sommelier & Winemaker
Santa Barbara, CA
Abe left higher education to pursue the philosophy of wine. He’s been studying grape growing for over two decades and is best known for his winemaking label Scholium Project, guiding vineyard sites from the grape to the bottle.
Katie Finn
Sommelier & Journalist
Palm Springs, CA
From Maui to Napa to Palm Springs, Finn’s sommelier work is entwined with her journalism, making her an impressive one to follow. She is now an independent sommelier and journalist for the CV Independent in Palm Springs.
Tami Wong
San Diego, CA
Featured master sommelier in the San Diego hospitality industry, Wong is a regular wine judge and advocate for women in wine. She provides educational opportunities and has a respected wine blog well known in the San Diego community.

Vino Real hand-selects wineries in which hardworking farmers and meticulous winemakers join together to create wines with identity

We believe in practical sustainability and simplicity, in doing the right thing for the sake of our communities and future.

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Our member wineries must make at least 85 percent of their wine onsite. They also continuously work toward bettering their vineyard practices, winemaking knowledge and technique, in areas such as water management, soil p.H. & salinity, canopy shading, long-term plant health, fruit quality, varietal correctness and ultraviolet radiation.


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