If You Care About What’s In Your Glass
—And What’s Not—
Vino Real Is For You.

We believe in straightforward wines with nothing to hide: wines that care about individuals, origin, impact and future.

This is a journey for those who want to know more about the people and places behind each bottle, for those seeking elegant wines and experiences.


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Whether this is your first or fifteenth visit, we are delighted to help you design an extraordinary journey along the Vino Real trail.

The Vino Real wine trail boasts dramatic mountain backdrops and views of the desert sky. Discover the character of each vineyard as you learn about the wines’ origin and shake hands with the winemakers. Here you’ll find a catalyst of relentless Southern California wines paired with the aromas and passion you’ve been searching for.

Discover the soul of the Vino Real Trail and beyond!

Scroll in and out to plan your visit through Southern California. Click on the places to learn more about each spot.

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What Is A Vino Real Winery?

Our member wineries must make at least 85 percent of their wine onsite. They also continuously work toward bettering their vineyard practices, winemaking knowledge and technique, in areas such as water management, soil p.H. and salinity, canopy shading, long-term plant health, fruit quality, varietal correctness and ultraviolet radiation.

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